Rocky Mountain High!

Neither Monsoon nor Mud Dampens Music Lovers’ Spirits

Despite the fact that May has been the wettest month in Colorado Springs in at least 80 years, the Seventh Annual MeadowGrass Music Festival audience braved the mud and the rain to enjoy a magnificent lineup of talented performers.  We here at Rocky Mountain Highway would like to thank all the artists, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and other partners who helped us to meet the weather challenges head on and produce a fabulous festival.  The list of people who worked tirelessly on MeadowGrass is much too long to detail here, but to each and every person who came to La Foret during the weekend, you have our deepest gratitude.

For those of you who would like to re-live the weekend, we highly recommend Christian Murdock’s awesome photo gallery, the three great MeadowGrass Music Festival highlights shows produced by our friends Tim Board, Dave Gardner and Ryan Lowery at KCMJ, and this fun video produced by The Colorado Springs Independent.

We also have a collection of lost items from the festival – if you think we may have found something you left at La Foret, please call Jeff DeWitt at 719-321-3780.

Finally, we’d love to have your feedback  on this year’s festival, and if you complete this survey and provide an e-mail address, you will be entered to win tickets to next year’s MeadowGrass!  Or simply e-mail your thoughts to

Living the dream,

Steve Harris, Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Highway