MeadowGrass News

rvgraphicMeadowGrass will have 5 RV passes available which will be on sale soon.  The price will be $125 – RV passes will be available on our TicketFly page.  RV rules are outlined below:

  Recreational Vehicles: If you wish to bring an RV to MeadowGrass, please read carefully through these rules.  Each person age 13 and older must first purchase a weekend pass with camping.  In addition, you must purchase an RV pass to drive your vehicle into the on-site camping area.  There are only five RV spots available. RV spots do not have hook ups and space is very tight to awnings are not permitted. The only RVs that will be allowed at La Foret are: (1) cab-over campers; (2) motor homes 24’ or less; (3) camper trailers that do not exceed 16’ in length; or (4) pop-up or tent trailers. Fifth wheels and large motor homes are prohibited. An RV that is allowed per these rules must purchase one RV pass. If the RV consists of a vehicle and a trailer, the vehicle that tows in the trailer must park adjacent to the trailer in the RV parking area unless you have also purchased a weekend parking pass for the vehicle, in which case the vehicle will be parked elsewhere on the property. Camper vans that are 18’ or less in length are allowed at La Foret.  If you wish to sleep in your qualifying camper van, you must first purchase a weekend pass with camping for yourself (and any person 13 or older who is staying with you), and then purchase a weekend parking pass.  Please be advised that campers are not permitted to park in the woods by the tents this year, so your vehicle would be parked somewhere near the camping area in one of the designated parking places.