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Willy Porter Cuts Through The Winter Gloom

The new year starts with Willy Porter coming through in mid-January. The following is from the Summit Daily last August:

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Willy Porter describes himself as a musical mutt, blending funk, acoustic, rock ’n’ roll, folk, jazz, finger-style and other tunes.

“It’s all of that,” said the musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “It’s kind of a unique blend. I don’t say that with any ego; it’s just how it’s been described by everyone else.”

Porter’s influences range from Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young to Duke Ellington, Tom Waits and the Jackson 5. He said he looks at music as an equal-opportunity art form.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s out of tune, badly played punk or if it’s Stravinsky, I love everything,” he said. “I say that with no pretense; it’s just the truth.”

Join us for another incredible evening with Willy Porter.

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