Featured Show:

 Richard Shindell Friends House Concerts November 12, 2014

Live – AT THE HOUSE – not an outside venue – we are excited to present singer / songwriter Richard Shindell.  Richard lives in Buenos Aires and rarely tours in the United States, but we were lucky enough to get a chance to bring him through, albeit on a Wednesday night.    The chance to be up close and personal with songwriters like Richard is what this series is all about.

We first heard Richard back in 1998 when Whitney fell under his spell as he comprised one third of Cry, Cry, Cry and covered the story of the Montana firefighters caught in a raging fire in Cold Missouri Waters.  Reviewers from LA Weekly to USA Today to the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal have lauded his work.   His ability to tell stories authentically from many points of view remains his strong suit.

“Shindell is a master builder of songs, yet always leading listeners toward the emotional essence of the moment or character he is evoking. As with all master craftsmen, knowing what to leave out is as important to him as what he puts in. Shindell has uncanny sense of the theater of a song, building his ballads sparely and subtly, set to sweeping graceful melodies.”
SCOTT ALARICK, The Boston Globe

Please join us for what promises to be an exceptional evening with master singer / songwriter!

Date:  Wednesday, November 12
Time:  7:15 PM
Tickets:  $30 in advance